How it got started...

My journey with blacksmithing began when I picked up a block of steel and made a ground forge in early 2015. It didn’t take me long to realize I needed a better block to start hammering on and so I began the search for an anvil. One day I passed a small antique store out in the country and decided to stop in after years of passing it by and one having been inside once. Walking in I found myself surrounded by dolls, extensions, costume jewelry, frilled pillows and flea market finds, this was NOT the antique store I remember. A lady popped up from behind the counter and in doing so scared the crap out of us both, her sister comes running out of the back with a broom thinking it was a robbery or something, apparently she accidentally left the door open. They had just moved into the building and were in the process of moving things in, they said they were Pickers and scour the estate sales and flea markets for items. So on a whim I told them I was looking for an anvil and described what I was looking for, they said they would keep an eye out but I didn’t think I’d hear back from them.  


Found an anvil!

Well 3 days later, I was in the middle of a meeting and I get a call from one of the sisters, she told me she got lost on the way to an estate sale and accidentally ended up at a yard sale, there she found the anvil in the picture (with the stand attached). She sent me the pics and asked if I could do $150 for it, naturally I decided to leave early and pick it up right away, that was in February of 2015. I finally got real time under the hammer and enjoyed the learning process.


Forging, Friends & Fun

2 years later I would be featured in Blade Magazine 2017 Winter Edition, work alongside local smiths and Forged in Fire Champions (Tobin Nieto of Stonehaven Knifeworks and James Helm of Helm Forge) Also in 2017 I would go to film for History Channel’s Forged in Fire show and win. I now enjoy teaching, demonstrating, competing, making friends and having fun with this hobby , one of many hobbies mind you. Funny how it a little accident lead to all this.