The World Trade Center Sword Project

 An ambitious build for a good cause 

Fragments of the North Tower as we received them from RedCon- 1 S.A. Chapter President Mr. Carney

Pieces of history

It all started with an idea, Mr. Carney, the chapter president of Redcon-1 wanted to incorporate pieces of steel from the North Tower into the handle of something simple. He approached Reforged Founder Chad Caylor, who then turned to us and asked for ideas. Someone said in passing "Make a sword out of it" we kinda looked down and  thought, "We can do that".  Thus began months of work from so many different bladesmiths volunteering our time  to make this possible.

Victor, "Zeus", John, Tobin and I add the  powdered WTC fragments to a canister to make damascus.

We Only Have One Shot At This

We had the good fortune of using our friend John Thunert's (JT Knifeworks) hydraulic forging press to set the welds on the canister damascus. Along with Chad Caylor's (Reforged) sons Victor & "Zeus", Tobin Nieto (Stonehaven Knifeworks) and I we all had a part in the initial and most crucial part of the build.


Success! We got a solid pair of billets!

Big thanks to John who got the billets welded up and ready for Tobin and I to forge into a sword. 

Working it down on my baby power hammer. Turns out hand hammering with a sledge drew it out faster.

Now the hard work begins

We spotted a flaw in the billet and at first we were gutted about it, then Tobin suggested to grind through the flaw and cut & stack the billet to consolidate the billet like you would see Katana being forged. It work and we managed to get a fully solid bar of damascus. Big thanks to James Helm (Helm Forge Enterprises) for letting us use his big power hammer to stretch the bar out. Some serious hammer work in that pic with Allan Reid (Former Army Combat Medic and Owner of ARCTC Knives).


The Sword Takes Shape

Now the ball is in our court, Tobin and I get to forging and grinding the sword to have it ready for the Caylor boys and Tom Taylor  to get the sheath made. 


Race Against the Clock

Given the length of time and number of people individuals involved deadlines came fast and it became a race to make sure it was finished before our 9/11 presentation.



At the request of the Mr. Carney we left the blade with the fire scale look as it both shows the pattern and represents the fires it was from and later forged in.  It was tough seeing the sword presented, this build means a lot to so many people and will be used for the Spartan Pledge against Veteran Suicide.


Big shout out to Miss Texas Ba'Leigh Burns for coming out to support Redcon-1 and Reforged. She has made it her mission to use her platform to raise awareness for Veteran Suicide and PTSD. Alongside her we have Tobin, James and I.


Seeing a very emotional Mr. Carney receive the sword was tough for all of us and I can honestly say I am glad to have had a part in this sword project.